Distance Learning

We are coming up to the end of week six of distance learning. It has been a strange experience to have been thrown into this format, at first thinking it may just be a few weeks, to the realization that it is until the end of this semester, and school year. A few weeks back the school board implemented the move to ass/No Pass for grades this semester. Along the way there have been many conversations, meetings and debates about the best way to move forward in these times.

As the push to return to “normal” and bring the economy back happens, we are now looking at how to start the fall semester under the assumption that we will still be practicing social distancing behaviors. How do you operate a school with a student body of around 2500 and keep everyone six feet apart? Not to mention the cleaning of air and surfaces in between groups of students.

Whatever it looks like, the digital divide has been highlighted in these past weeks. It is amazing the discrepancies in access to the online world. A technology that was intended to connect has been one of the main factors in the division of the community.