My journey with raku.

So it starts last September (2018) with a trip to Southern California to visit some friends from NCECA. Mike Flower had planned a raku firing in his back yard on the Friday after school. I had gone down to visit his classroom and see what he had going on.

I brought a few pieces to fire and got to participate and see first hand the set up he has. It’s based on the Simon Leach model from his 2010 video. So it had been quite some time since I had seen a raku firing and was excited for the evening.

Mike Flower setting up kiln.

Mike Flower setting up the kiln.
Raku kiln, firing underway!
Kiln, during the fire.

After leaving that weekend I was determined to make my own and then bring it to the students at school to share the process with them. Not having any solid plans to work from it was a great opportunity to learn from mistakes made.

Thanks for reading, check back for more of the journey.