So… there’s been a lot.

It so happens that today is National Napping Day and while I think it’s great to celebrate a good nap, I try to get them in as regularly as possible. After a short, but good nap, I thought I’d finally take some time to put down some thoughts and a bit about what’s happened in this first quarter of the year. As I write about all of this it seems to be all on the home front and all things I am practicing to bring into the school setting. The Peninsula Pottery is another project I am working on that will help bring these experiments and explorations into schools; not just Menlo-Atherton but I envision sharing this with other communities too.


I’ve successfully fired a homemade raku kiln a few times in this month, I will follow up with a more detailed account of that process. It’s been fun, educational, and has left me with more questions than answers. I suppose that’s not bad for where I am in the process.

Slipcast and mold making.

As a part of Etc. have built and used our first slip cast molds. A great learning experience with mediocre results. Still fun and were left wanting more. More details to follow on that too.


I am looking forward to attending NCECA in the next few weeks. It will be good to see friends from last year and meet some new folks with similar interests. I don’t know about the weather in Minneapolis, but I imagine by the end of the week I will acclimate relatively well. I hope I will anyway.