August, already.

Time sure does go by fast. It is hard to believe that the first few days have passed and we are so close to the new school year. Tomorrow, there is a gallery opening for Barrows, a show put together by myself and John Eames as part of the Eames/Tillson Collective (ETC). We have been working together for a while now on this series of barrows and a few months back got access to Art Ark Gallery in San Jose. The gallery has openings in conjunction with South San Jose’s First Friday Art Walk.

In addition to getting ready for this show, we have a piece in a gallery up in Roseville. The piece is actually part of the Barrows series but figured the Art Ark show would be fine with one fewer piece. It is good to have a piece in a different region.

I am also working on a mock-up for the Artomat machines. This company takes old cigarette vending machines, fixes them up, and then organizes various artists to create art to vend. Pretty sweet idea, with beautiful machines, and fun art collections.